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The Bootcamp And The Workshop Is Over 15 Hours of Training That Covers All Aspects Of The Realtor's Job. Anything From The Fundamentals Of Social Media, To Brand Building Where Your Buyers and Sellers Reach Out To You, The Buy Side Of The Transactions, Listing Side, Open House Strategies, Hiring The Perfect Assistant, Building A Team, Learning About Passive Income
Instagram and Facebook Changes Their Algorithm About Every 5 Days, I Had To Change My Ways With It. So All The Changes Are Necessary to Stay Relevant. There are 10+ videos about the changes. 
90% Off Your Success Is What's In The 6" Between Your Ears!!! It's A Must To Invest Into Your Own Education. Sadly Those Life Lessons Come At The Cost Of Me Making A Mistake. I've Made Many Mistakes With Zeros At The End. I've Learned A Few Life Lessons and I Share Those With You In These 50+ Videos So You Don't Have To Learn It The Hard Way. 
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"Gogo has been a great mentor to me! She is a rock star when it comes to social media and real estate. She has taught me a lot in such a short period of time!"
- Karen Villanueva -
"What Gogo has to offer in her bootcamp is both a unique and very effective approach to generating leads, building a brand, and growing your real estate business using social media without spending money on leads."
- Sami Baki -
Gogo's Bootcamp Testimonial 2
Join The Ranks Of Those Getting Results With Gogo's Bootcamp!
Gogos Bootcamp Testimonial 1
"Gogo has been a great mentor to me! She is a rock star when it comes to social media and real estate. She has taught me a lot in such a short period of time!"
- Karen Villanueva -
"I've been generating leads and clients for Realtors online for years. I can tell you that what Gogo has to offer in her bootcamp is both a unique and very effective approach to growing your real estate business using social media without spending countless hours."
- Sami Baki -
Gogo's Bootcamp Testimonial 2
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When I started out in real estate, I had no money to spend on marketing or advertising. No contacts or sphere of influence. And no track record.

All I had was the internet and social media. And that's how I built my real estate empire. To this day, the vast majority of my business comes organically and for free from social media without me having to sell myself or compete with other agents. Let me show you how :)

Gogo Bethke
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**100% Safe & Secure**

30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back no problem.

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Sneak Peak Of What's Inside
All the systems, processes and resources that Gogo uses to generate free leads with social media, run her real estate business, and systematize everything for as much time freedom as possible.
Total Agents Recruited From Social Media:
Total Audience Size On Social Media:
Ready to Generate HOT Leads That Reach Out To You Without Spending Money?
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What Video Courses And Resources Are Included?
  • Series 1 - Intro
  •  Social Media Part 1 - Branding
  •  Social Media Part 2 - Social Media Platforms
  • ​Social Media Part 3 - Instagram Business
  • ​Social Media Part 4 - How to Use Instagram
  • ​Social Media Part 5 - Content & Consistancy
  • ​Series 1 Links and Resources
  • ​How to Grow Your Instagram Followers
  • Series 2 - Intro
  •  Operations Part 1 - Websites & CRM Programs
  •  Operations Part 2 - Integrations Using Zapier
  • Operations Part 3 - How to Post to Facebook
  • ​Operations Part 4 - How to Create a CMA
  • Operations Part 5 - Listing Strategies
  • ​Operations Part 6 - Buyer Strategies
  • ​Series 2 - Links & Resources
  • Series 3 - Intro
  • Customer Service - Reviews & Feedback
  • Relationship Building & Client Appreciation
  • CPA, Legal & Financial Advisor
  • ​When to Hire a Kristy
  • Series 3 - Links & Resources
  • ​Operations Part 6 - Buyer Strategies
  • ​Series 2 - Links & Resources
10 Weeks of In-Depth Video Content Showing You How Gogo & Mark Z Collectively Sell $160M+ In Real Estate Each Year
Here's Just a Little of What's Included:
Week 1 - Branding
  • Discover how to generate perpetual leads with your brand.
  • Build a personal brand that takes care of you for life.
  • ​Differentiate yourself from the millions of other Realtors.
  • ​Set up your social media accounts for maximum exposure.
  • ​How to get recognized and stopped in the street everywhere you go in your city.
Week 2 - Social Media Management
  • Dominate each social media platform to generate free leads.
  • Learn how to use each social media platform.
  • Become an influencer in your space.
  • ​Advanced social media tactics to generate hot leads that reach out to you.
  • ​How to grow your following and audience exponentially with these strategies
Week 3 - CRM & Database Management
  • Best CRM programs to use.
  • How to integrated leads from various sources and connect them to your CRM.
  • ​​How to organize and manage your database.
  • ​Client appreciation "Favorites" document you can steal.
  • ​Best lead sources to feed into your CRM.
  • ​The most important key information to gather from your leads that only 1% of agents get.
Week 4 - Buyer's Agent Strategies
  • How to win bidding wars.
  • How to negotiate in your client's favor.
  • ​​Closings gifts and Realtor safety tips.
  • ​Best buyer script to land clients like clockwork.
  • ​Killer strategies to get your offers accepted regardless of the competition.
  • ​How to make your offers as attractive as possible to sellers.
Week 5 - Listing Agent Strategies
  • How to win every listing appointment.
  • How to market your listings and sell them FAST for TOP DOLLAR!
  • ​​How to work effectively with sellers.
  • ​Battle-tested seller scripts to get you listings like clockwork.
  • ​Gogo's marketing contract and photo release agreements.
  • ​How to manage your client's expectations and get maximum satisfaction.
Week 6 - Open House Strategies
  • How to market and attract more buyers to your open houses.
  • How to work a crowd to get clients like a pro.
  • ​​"Wow" your clients with packed open houses.
  • ​How to time your open houses for maximum exposure.
  • ​Best open house sign-in method for more leads.
  • ​How to make your open houses fun and memorable.
Week 7 - Working "ON" Your Business
  • Get off the treadmill of endless tasks of stuff to do.
  • ​Implement a killer exit strategy.
  • ​​Build your business to take care of you even when you're on vacation.
  • ​How to run a 6 or 7+ figure business and still have a life.
  • ​How to stop being your own employee and start thinking like an entreprenuer
Week 8 - Hiring The Perfect Assistant
  • When and how to find the perfect assistant.
  • How to train your assistant and free up your time.
  • ​​Employee paying strategies.
  • ​The secret methods I use to give my emplyees health and dental insurance.
  • ​Mistakes to avoid when hiring an assistant.
Week 9 - How To Build A Team
  • Discover how I recruited 40+ agents in less than 6 months.
  • Discover how Mark built and runs a team of 30+ agents.
  • Build a rockstar team of agents FAST.
  • The different ​methods of structuring your team.
  • ​How to train your team to maximize their closings and retain agents for years and years.
Week 10 - Building Residual Income
  • Discover how to make money while you sleep.
  • Add more revenue streams to your business.
  • How to make an additional 6-figures passively.
  • ​The killer exit strategies we are using to retire early from real estate and build generational wealth
Everyday Price: $7388
Special Price For Action Takers: $444.44
Summary of What You're Getting:
  •  Series 1 - Social Media Strategies: Discover how to grow your social media following, become an influencer in your market, and generate FREE leads that reach out to you. ($799 Value)
  • Series 2 - Operations: Receive all the strategies and tactics that Gogo uses to run her real estate business from lead integrations to listings strategies to buying strategies, to lot's more. ($499 Value)
  • Series 3 - Systems: Discover how to systematize your business to allow for maximum time freedom and profitability. ($499 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Gogo & Mark Z's 10 Week Realtor Workshop: Discover how Gogo and Mark Z collectively sell $160M+ per year in real estate. ($1497 Value)
  • Marketing Agreements: Get all the marketing agreements that Gogo uses for her real estate business. ($199 Value)
  • 25+ Downloadable Resources For Realtors ($699 Value)
  • ​​Full list of tools, apps, vendors. ($199 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access To Gogo's Bootcamp 2.0 ($2997 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to Gogo's Mindset Course (Priceless)
Total Value of $7,388, But Yours For Just $444.44 Today

30 Day Guarantee

No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get lifetime access to Gogo's Bootcamp
Yes, Gogo's Bootcamp and 10 Week Realtor Workshop is a one-time purchase and then you have access to it for life. You can access it from anywhere, anytime from both your phone and computer.

Do I have to spend money to generate leads with social media?
No, Gogo's Bootcamp and Workshop shows you how to generate leads organically without spending money on ads, leads, etc. Gogo has generated over $1M+ in revenue without spending money on social media.
What if I am unsatisfied with Gogo's Bootcamp?
We are so confident that you are going to love Gogo's Bootcamp that we made it fully refundable under all circumstances know to man with a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply email if you are not happy with your purchase.
Do I have to be "Salesy" to make this work?
No, not at all. The methods you learn in Gogo's Bootcamp will show you how to get clients to reach out to you. No cold calling, door knocking, hard selling or being "salesy." Gogo's clients reach out to her and she does not have to compete with other agents.
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